Omnichannel Modular Platform for Financial Sector

Finik.Pro Omnichannel Modular Platform is an up-to-date solution for financial sector compatible with most popular database control systems. The platform comprises online- and mobile banking modules, banking chat-bot, payment gateway and mini-core banking system for European fintechs. The Platform is to provide customer with information and transactional access to banking products and services, as well as automate routine processes of payment execution.

Омниканальная платформа для банков
Интернет-банкинг и мобильный банкинг
Online-banking and Mobile-banking for Private Individuals, SMEs and Corporates

Finik.Pro Solution uses available mobile and online communication channels to meet the needs of private individuals, small and med-sized enterprises, as well as corporate businesses. Each module enables customer to personalize his or her digital banking and deliver superior customer experience. With our Solution, it is easy to have access to information on loans and deposits; to execute transactions from or to accounts or cards; to check statements; to submit online requests for new banking products; to setup standing orders and even to do an onboarding of a new client, etc.

The SMEs and Corporate Modules are enhanced with payroll and cash-management tools.

Banking Chat-bot

Banking chat-bot is a solution conceived for the most active segment of Internet users, in particular, but not limited to Millennials and Generation Z. It is a Banking Seamless Omnichannel Modular Platform for P2P payments through Viber, Facebook, Messenger and Telegram by syncing phone contacts, using receiver’s mobile number or email address.

This Solution enables financial transactions in a user-friendly environment, ensures an opportunity to top up cards and phones, to pay bills, to receive card balances, analytics about current transactions, as well as to convert currencies, etc. The user accesses directly from the preferred text messenger platform with no need to install other applications.

The Platform is equipped with a smart Bot-Communicator and Advisor developed on the basis of artificial intelligence (AI).

Создание чат-ботов

Based on our Chat-bot Module, we develop self-learning bots for banks, insurance companies, online-shops and other business. Chat-bots help businesses to cut costs and improve customer engagement. With chat-bot technology, it is easier to process orders, sell products and services, execute payments, provide client consulting and support, as well as to conduct Q&A sessions, etc.

With chat-bots companies may reach their target audience via new channels as Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Viber.

Benefits of Omnichannel Platform Finik.Pro

The Platform is supported by any browser and accessible from any device smartphone, tablet or computer. It is tailored both for iOS and Android users.

Customization: configure individual interface, move widgets, rearrange desktop layout, specify the names of client`s accounts, etc.

Intuitive interface: easy to work with the Product both for advanced and inexperienced users.

Multi-Client: switch between functional roles within a uniform account of a private individual and a legal entity.

Multilevel authorization system: login/password, text messages, ОТР, digital signature, Face ID, Touch ID.

Omni-channel: synchronization of desktop and mobile versions in real-time mode.

Open API: Compatibility with popular database control systems (DBCS).

Built-in messaging service with file sharing feature.

About Us

Finik.Pro is a software development company of complex banking and multifunctional fintech solutions.


We specialize in developing applications for mobile and online-banking, self-learning chat-bots, banking applications for smartphone, contactless payments based on NFC and QR technologies.

Our mission is to ensure a user-friendly approach in banking services.

The team members combine 20+ years of experience in banking and IT.

Solution added value is a prompt integration with useful business services such as online cash desks, factoring, online accounting, reporting system, electronic documents circulation and many more.

Development and technical support

The Company constantly monitors and analyzes the needs of target audience. Our qualified R&D division constantly improves the Platform capabilities. Dedicated team provides 24/7 service and technical support of the implemented projects.